An Object of Beauty by Steve Martin OR Navin Johnson gets a little big for his special purpose

July 1, 2011 at 8:25 pm Leave a comment

An Object of Beauty by Steve Martin, Published in 2010

(So I read about 100 pages of this very short novel and still stopped reading it)

Dear Mr. Martin:

I am writing to let you know that sadly our relationship has ended.  When I got your newest novel “An Object of Beauty” from the library and noted that on the back cover you listed among your accomplishments the film “Bringing down the House” I should have known that this would all go terribly wrong.  Especially when it noted this film but not “The Jerk” or “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.” Heartbreaking really.

But feeling that our long relationship was worth preserving I started the book.  You created a character Lacey who has the depth of a Stepford wife. Her dream of a career in the art field and her actions to make success happen is about as interesting as I imagine the new book out about our nation’s forefathers’ gardening skills is going to be  (see for this fascinating topic).

I do have to say your clever laziness by not thoroughly describing paintings but instead just putting a picture of the paintings in the book is stunning.  If only more writers would just use pictures instead of those burdensome thing called “words” we could all read a lot more books – oh wait, you say that they are called board books for children? Yes, I will put “Goodnight Moon” on my to read list. Thank you kind sir.

But regardless, as you can see I am still locked into the world where you are talented. Like as a comedian, not a writer of literature. And how about if we apply this rule to all celebrities. Mariah Carey sticks with singing, Jennifer Lopez sticks with lip synching, and Billy Bob Thornton sticks with being creepy instead of singing or lip synching. I mean seriously, why is there a cork on your fork?


Emily Crabtree



Entry filed under: 50 page fail.

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