That went terribly wrong – “Damage Control” by Denise Hamilton

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“Damage Control” by Denise Hamilton, Published in 2011 

Save yourself and others – do not waste your time with this book. 50 is the number of times I rolled my eyes while reading this book. When I was about 20 pages I noticed the cover of this book said “Edgar Award Finalist” and I thought “crap, it must have been a really sad year for the Edgar Awards.” BUT “Faithful Place” by Tana French and “Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter” by Tom Franklin are on the list too, both of which I loved. So here is my conspiracy theory: since Ms. Hamilton is a writer for the L.A. Times (she writes a perfume column) other book reviewers are indebted to her in some way – like she will kill them if they don’t give her book a good review or something along those lines.   Seriously. Be advised that everyone else in the world seems to love this book. So either there is something is wrong with me or my conspiracy theory is true (maybe the former but I am going with the latter).

The main character, Maggie, works for a P.R. firm that offers damage control for those famous people who find themselves suddenly with a P.R. problem – think basketball player who rapes hotel employee kind of thing. Maggie finds herself representing Senator Paxton whose young aid, Emily, has been murdered.  Maggie, through high school, was best friends with Annabelle Paxton, the Senator’s daughter.  Maggie and Annabelle had a very bad experience together which drastically changed their relationship and resulted in them drifting apart.  As Maggie tries to restore Senator Paxton’s public image she is also dealing with her teenage self who has never recovered from her history with Annabelle.  Of course, Emily’s murder must be solved and it is only time before this PR case becomes dangerous for everyone.

Of course Maggie can always escape her life when she puts on her…perfume. Yes, of course, perfume which tranforms her into Cleopatra waiting her in bed for Marc Anthony or makes her feel like she is at an Indian Bazaar (I am serious this is really in the book).

So needless to say, this is pretty amazingly bad. The descriptions are poorly written, the conversation is straight from CSI or something, and you find yourself laughing outloud and yet, it is not a comedy. Why did I finish this book? Because like a bad episode of Law and Order you just think “okay, I just need to know who did it and then I can move on.”  Now I know who did it so I can move on.

Even so, I can’t wait to put on my perfume so I can be the Queen of Sheba or something.

(More on Denise Hamilton’s thoughts on perfume.)

THE QUEEN OF SHEBA, December 1921 Reproduction...

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