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Snow means blankets, fireplaces, coffee, oh and books…lots of books

I will boldly admit that I love winter and snow.  No, I am not letting go of autumn just yet but I did start thinking about some of my favorite cold weather reads. They are not necessarily books that involve cold weather. They are just so good that they make the cold weather more bearable.   Here are some good ones for your snowy days if you like:
1. “Prague” by Arthur Phillips – This novel follows five American expats who come to Budapest in the early 1990s. Each of them seems to be seeking different things but ultimately all of the characters become effected by the beauty and painful history of Budapest.  Phillips writes beautifully and poignantly.
2. “Berlin Stories” by Christopher Ischerwood – This is a compilation of two novellas and each are based, in part, on Ischerwood’s life in Germany in the 1930s.  The focus remains mostly on the political factions in Germany during this time and how greatly the economic decline of the nation effected it’s people.  It is an interesting viewpoint that I have not come across very frequently.
3. “The Disappeared” by Karen Echlin- I literally read this book because I liked the cover (yes, I can be that shallow). But it was the most heart wrenching and beautiful story about a young woman whose lover disappears in Cambodia and how she spends years trying to find him.
4. “The Death of the Heart” by Elizabeth Bowen – A coming of age story of a young girl who falls in love with a cad.  Bowen’s story seems to imply that marriage is either full of complacency or violent with dire consequences.
5. “The Imperfectionists” by Tom Rachman – Each chapter in this novel is dedicated to an employee of a struggling English newspaper in Rome.  The characters are imperfectly likeable and the story is well crafted.
Even if these books don’t keep you from dreading the winter, they are still pretty darn good. And of course any suggestions to add to this list would be greatly appreciated.
Keep warm everyone!

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